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  • Customers place their order
  • Wait for approval
  • Pay in advance & pick-up a little later.

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  • Customers send their request
  • Wait for approval
  • Place an order for dine-in & pay using bethere app

Customers pay by themselves the moment they're ready to go

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  • The quickest way to embrace mobile payments & allow customers to pay using their iPhones either when grabbing food to go or dining at the store. Save the hassle from your servers, eliminate customers’ waiting times. Accept Apple Pay at your business instantly. In-app Apple Pay means: no transaction limit, no terminal upgrade.

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  • Easily customize your loyalty program
  • Keep track of all berewarded transactions
  • Increase customer retention & engagement

A quick way to acquire new customers & incentivize returning ones.

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Use our interactive map to send instant offers & discounts to customers that will soon be close to your business.

  • Simplify your loyalty policy

  • Super easy way to embrace mobile payments

  • Increase revenue by driving sales from new & returning customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • All-in-one solution

  • Best for mobile & location-based marketing

No fees attached.

Simply let us know the maximum amount of discount you are willing to offer to get new transactions (must always be greater than 10%) and we will make sure customers always pay less than the nominal amount of their bill through our advanced algorithm mechanism.

Payments via the app support
Apple pay or any credit/debit card

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